Conducting Polymers

In the organic synthesis section of Toppare Research Group, we are working on design and synthesis of conducting polymers for biosensors, electrochromic, organic solar cell and organic light emitting diode applications.


The π-conjugated monomers, organic small molecules and polymers designed and synthesized in “organic synthesis” section are coated on ITO or Pt electrodes and characterized with respect to their electronic and optical properties. Cyclic voltammeter and amperometry techniques are used to determine their electronic nature of the compounds. Coulometry is used to probe stability of the polymers. To investigate electrochromic properties of the polymers upon applied potentials, in-situ UV-Vis-NIR spectra are recorded. Optical contrast and coloration efficiency at specific wavelengths are studied for their electrochromic applications.


The conducting polymer based biosensors laboratory aims at developing and characterizing biosensors for sensing, detecting and quantifying of very small amounts of biological species and some materials such as glucose, cholesterol and pesticides. Biosensors have a worthy place in many technological areas such as clinical and food diagnostics and bioprocess and pollution monitoring due to their usability in rapid detection and monitoring. Conducting polymers (CPs) offer an extensive possibility to modify the surface of conventional electrodes supplying fascinating properties. Cps as immobilization matrices appeared as an attractive field of research for the improvement of biosensor design.

Organic Solar Cells

In GUNAM organic solar cells laboratory, conjugated polymers, monomers and organic small molecules which are designed and synthesized by our group are used in organic light emitting diode (OLED) and organic solar cell (OSC) applications.  In GUNAM OSC laboratory, there is a MBRAUN 200b glove box system equipped with a solar simulator, a thermal metal evaporator and a span coater for the construction and the characterization of solar cells and OLEDs. We are skilled in construction and the characterization of OSCs, we can also characterize the IPCE performance of the solar cells with an oriel quantum efficiency measurement kit.